Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Refashioning the Furnishings in the Vacationer's Chamber

Well, we had a really great visit with my sister and her family. We did some things around town, spent some time harvesting some of my veggies and did a lot of preserving and a little crafting! I think they were pretty comfortable staying in the new guest digs. In fact, my sister declared that the guest room, along with our cold room were her favourite rooms in our house. However, if you know Kristen, the cold room is kind of a given.

On that note, I wanted to share with you the furniture that I made over for the guest room in a little more detail. We'll start with the chair for the room. Patrick's parents brought the chair over for the guest room when we first moved in. Before it was a creamy-green colour and the cushion looked like it had seen better days. The colour of the chair wasn't bad, but I wanted more contrast for the new room. Here is the chair and the cushion before...

To start with, I gave the chair a coat of black, semi-gloss spray paint. Here's the chair with the new paint...

Next, I wanted to tackle the cushion. So, using some beautiful black and white gingham fabric from my Mom-in-law, Dee, I sewed a new cover. Much improved, no?

The next furniture I wanted to work on was a little side table and a bookshelf. The side table we picked up from a friend's garage sale for $4 and the bookshelf we already had, but it wasn't being used. I decided to give both a new coat of stain in a colour called provincial. I actually already had the stain left over from staining the top of the cupboards/sideboard in the kitchen. Here are both pieces before I did anything...

And here is the side table after two coats of stain...

The bookshelf didn't go quite as dark as the side table, but it did end up looking more rich than before and perhaps a little more finished. With the bookshelf, I also decided to make a curtain to add a little charm. I used the same gingham fabric from Dee and sewed a simple curtain. To hang it, I used a curtain cord kit from our hardware store and it worked perfectly. Here is the completed piece...

The last piece of furniture that I fixed up for the room was a little wicker coffee table. This was another piece of furniture that my mother-in-law found for free and brought over for the room when we first moved (she has some serious skill when it comes to finding cheap/free awesome things!). I don't really have a before photo, but if you look to the left side of the bed in the picture below, you can see the table in its original form...

To work with the room and update the table, I spray painted it with the semi-gloss black. And now, it sits happily at the end of the bed waiting for some luggage, or perhaps some extra cozy blankets. 

And that completes the guest room furniture makeover saga. I know, I know it was just so exciting! ;)


  1. Looks beautiful! How did you know about the curtain cord thing? I never would've thought to do that!

    1. Thanks, T! I'm not sure where I first saw that, maybe when I was moving to Comox in the little cottage. I used it then to hang a curtain to cover our hot water tank and washer/dryer!

  2. You have done some amazing furniture makeovers here, Jaimie. I sure don't mind passing on my freebies and old stuff when I see what your are able to do with them. What a fabulous talent you have and the completed guest room is delightfully charming. I can hardly wait to stay in it. I just had a visit with Kristen and she thinks your entire home is "BEAUTIFUL"! You go girl!

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