Friday, September 13, 2013

Autumn is Approaching

Autumn is fast approaching. Actually, in my mind, autumn has already arrived. Usually, September hits and I'm ready for fall. It is my favourite season after all. I love pretty much everything about it, but some of my favourite things about fall are the colours and the increasing coziness. 

To bring in the season, I like to make some little changes in my house and usually I find some inspiration pictures first. Here are some images that get me excited for this time of year.

I love the colours! (Source unknown)

Again, the colours! (Source unknown)

This might be bordering a bit on winter, but it's just so dang cozy. (Source unknown)

Colours and texture. (Source unknown) 
I have shown this last picture on my blog before, but I really, really love it.

(Source unknown)
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P.P.S. Sorry about my lack of sources for the photos. I found them quite some time ago and I neglected to write down the site. My bad!


    Jordan University


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